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forging 7075 aluminum

Introduction to forging 7075 aluminum
In the process of forging 7075 aluminum, the blank can be forged into stepped bar, or the blank can be made into simple shapes such as round cake and rectangle by upsetting or flattening, such as aluminum alloy bracket. After the ingot is opened, the blank can be forged freely to make it into the required shape, and then pre forged. Finally, the final forging 7075 aluminum can be formed by two die forging on the die forging hydraulic press
forging 7075 aluminum is a cold-treated forging alloy ring with high strength, far superior to mild steel. forging 7075 aluminum is one of the most powerful commercial alloys.forging 7075 aluminum has close structure and strong corrosion resistance, which is the best for aviation and marine plates. General corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties and anode reaction. The fine grains make the deep drilling performance better and the tool wear resistance enhanced.

forging 7075 aluminum
Chemical composition of forging 7075 aluminum
Silicon Si:0.40
Iron Fe: 0.50
Copper: 1.2-2.0
Mn Mn:0.30
Mg: 2.1-2.9
Cr: 0.18-0.28
Zinc: 5.1-6.1
Titanium Ti:0.20
Aluminum al: margin
Others: single: 0.05 total: 0.15
Main uses of forging 7075 aluminum
forging 7075 aluminum with light weight and high strength,7075t6 hard aluminum alloy forged ring - necessary fastening parts for sealing of aerospace, military and industrial instruments

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