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6A02 Aluminum forgings forged product parts

6A02 is a forged Al-Mg-Si alloy, which can be strengthened by heat treatment. After solution treatment and aging treatment, the aluminium alloy has medium strength, high plasticity in annealing state, high plasticity in hot state and easy forging and stamping. Its corrosion resistance is good, similar to that of rust-proof aluminium 3A21 and 5A02, but with intergranular corrosion tendency. The aluminium alloy is easy to spot welding and atomic hydrogen welding, and has good gas welding performance. It has poor machinability in annealing state and can be quenched and aged.
A forged aluminium widely used in industry at 6A02 is used to manufacture parts that require high plasticity and corrosion resistance to cut and bear medium loads. It can also be used to make forgings with complex shapes, such as crankcase of air-cooled engine, blade of helicopter, engine parts of aircraft, forgings with complex shapes and die forgings, which require mechanical parts with high plasticity and corrosion resistance, and working temperature of parts. The range of degree is - 70 - 50 ℃
.The Brinell hardness of the aluminium alloy is 30HBW in O state, 65HBW in T4 state and 85-95HBW in T6 state.
High Temperature Tensile Properties of 6A0 Alloy
  Temper Direction Tension Strength Rm/MPa Prescribed plastic elongation strength Rp0.2/MPa Elongation  A
Free forgings T6 Portrait 275 -- 10
Mould forgings T6 Portrait 295 215 12
The time interval between solution treatment and artificial aging treatment of 6A02 aluminium alloy should be less than 6h in order to avoid its mechanical properties decreasing.


For parts under heavy and alternating loads, the artificial aging treatment should be 150 - 160 ℃ and heat preservation for 8 hours. In this way, although the strength of the part is reduced, the difference between the tensile strength and yield strength is increased, and the plasticity is improved, which can improve the working performance of the part.

6A02 aluminium alloy has high process plasticity in hot state and is easy to forge. Its forging temperature range is 470-380 ℃.
Type Alloy Projected area(m2)Or weight(kg) Temper Standard
Free forgings 5 series ≤3000kg O、F GBn223
2、6、7 series ≤3000kg T6、T4、O、F
Mould forgings 5 series ≤2.5m2 O、F
2、6、7 series ≤2.5m2 T6、T4、O、F

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