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6151 Aluminum forgings forged product parts

6151 alloy T6 T652 aluminum forgings are generally used for forging crankshaft parts. Machine parts and rolling ring conducting mine and machine parts have good forgability, high strength and corrosion resistance. All parts requiring good forging performance, high strength and good corrosion resistance can be processed with this alloy.
Process characteristics
The annealing standard of 6151 alloy is 413℃/(2h~3h). The cooling rate of 6151 alloy is not more than 27℃/h. The alloy is cooled to 260 ℃ with the furnace, and then air-cooled out of the furnace. Solid solution treatment temperature (510℃~525℃)/4min, quenching in room temperature water, quenching in 65℃~100℃ water for large forgings. Artificial aging code(165℃~175℃)/(8h~12h). The hot working temperature ranges from 260 ℃ to 480 ℃.

Mechanical property

The minimum mechanical properties of 6151 alloy are 50mm or 4D (d is sample diameter). 6151 alloy has no low temperature brittleness and can be used to process parts working at extremely low temperature. At 25 ℃, the tensile strength Rm = 330N/mm2, yield strength Rp0.2 = 298N/mm2, elongation A = 17%, and temperature drops to 200 ℃, the properties of 6151 alloy increase completely, reaching 395N/mm2, 345N/mm2 and 20%, respectively. The working temperature of 6151 alloy should not exceed 120 ℃.

6151 Aluminum forgings
Alloy Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Ni Zn Ti Ga Others Alu
Each Toal  
6151 0.6--1.2 1.0 0.35 0.20 0.45--0.8 0.15--0.35 -- 0.25 0.15 -- 0.05 0.15 Remainder
Tensile mechanical properties of 6151 aluminium alloy forgings
Temper Tension strength Rm/MPa Prescribed plastic elongation strength Rp0.2/MPa Elongation A
Mould forgings T6 Axis parallel to grain flow direction 303 225 14
Axis parallel to grain flow direction 303 255 6
Forged ring T6、T652 Radial direction 303 255 5
Axial direction 303 241 4
Radial direction 290 241 2
Type Alloy Projected area(m2)Or weight(kg) Temper Standard
Free forgings 5 series ≤3000kg O、F GBn223
2、6、7 series ≤3000kg T6、T4、O、F
Mould forgings 5 series ≤2.5m2 O、F
2、6、7 series ≤2.5m2 T6、T4、O、F

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