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2A70 Aluminum forgings forged product parts

2A70 is a short heat-resistant Al-Cu-Mg-Fe-Ni alloy, which can be strengthened by heat treatment. The alloy has high heat resistance and service temperature of 200-250 ℃. The plasticity in hot state is high and there is no backlog effect. The corrosion resistance of the alloy is acceptable, but it has a profitable corrosion tendency. Its weldability is medium, suitable for resistance spot welding and seam welding, but the performance of arc welding and gas welding is poor. Its machinability is good.

2A70 aluminium alloy is used to manufacture piston of internal combustion engine and complex forgings working at 200-250℃, such as compressor impeller, blower impeller, etc. Plate can be used as structure parts at above temperature, and its use is more extensive than another kind of heat-resistant forging aluminium 2A80.
 Mechanical properties of 2A70 aluminium alloy forgings specified in technical standards
  Temper Direction Tension strength Rm/MPa Prescribed plastic elongation strength
Elongation A
Free forgings T6 Portrait 375 - 5.0
T6 Long transverse 375 - 5.0
Die forgings T6 Portrait 380 275 5.0
T6 Long transverse 380 275 5.0
   Tensile Properties of 2A70 Aluminum Alloy Forgings Stabilized at Room Temperature
Temper Stabilization treatment Tension strength Rm/MPa Elongation strength RP0.2/MPa Elongation A
Temperature/℃ Holding time/h
Free forgings and Die forgings 125 100 431 333 10
  1000 431 333 8
10000 431 333 8
150 100 431 333 9
  1000 431 333 9
10000 431 333 9
175 100 421 353 8
  1000       402 353 8
10000 397 353 7
2A70 aluminium alloy is prone to over-burning. The over-burning temperature is 545 ℃. Therefore, the heating temperature should be strictly controlled during forging and solution heat treatment. The Brinell hardness of the alloy is 130-139HBW under T6, 139HBW for small forgings and 130HBW for neutral forgings.

The forging performance of 2A70 aluminium alloy is good. It can be forged by hammer forging or by hydraulic press. The forging temperature of the alloy ranges from 450 to 350 ℃
Type Alloy Projected area(m2)Or weight(kg) Temper Standard
Free forgings 5 series ≤3000kg O、F GBn223
2、6、7 series ≤3000kg T6、T4、O、F
Mould forgings 5 series ≤2.5m2 O、F
2、6、7 series ≤2.5m2 T6、T4、O、F


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