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2A16 2219 Aluminum forgings forged product parts

2A16 alloy is a heat-treated Al-Cu-Mn heat-resistant aluminium alloy. It is also a cryogenic alloy and can be used at very cold temperatures. It has high endurance strength at 250 ~ 350 C, and can be used for a long time in this temperature range. Its room temperature strength is lower than that of 2A12 alloy. The alloy has good weldability. It can be welded by electric welding, rolling welding and argon arc welding. Friction stir welding has excellent performance. The natural failure rate of alloy after solution treatment is slow and the incubation period is long. It is one of the most deformed aluminium alloys used in spacecraft.
The chemical composition of 2A16 alloy is similar to that of 2219 alloy in the United States. 2219 alloy is mainly used in rocket and spacecraft to manufacture fuel tanks and combustion aids. Because of the development and maturity of automatic welding technology, especially friction stir welding, 2219 alloy was used instead. From the point of view of stress corrosion cracking properties, 2219 alloy is superior to 2014 alloy. The short transverse stress corrosion cracking stress of the latter is 53.9N/mm2. 2219 alloy, which is a good material for making rocket fuel tank. It is not only a heat-resistant alloy, but also its low temperature performance increases with the decrease of temperature.
2A16 alloy has high heat resistance and good weldability. It can be used to manufacture parts working at 250 - 350℃, such as discs, engine blades, etc.
2A16 alloy has high thermoplasticity and can roll plate, extrude profile, forge free forgings with complex shape and die forgings smoothly.



Chemical Composition of 2A16
Alloy Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Ni Zn Ti Zr Others Al
Each Total
2A16 0.30 0.30 6.0~7.0 0.4~0.8 0.05 - - 0.10 0.10~0.20 0.20 0.05 0.15 Rest
2219 0.20 0.30 5.8~6.8 0.20~0.40 0.02 - - 0.10 0.02~0.10 0.10~0.25 0.05 0.15 Rest


Alloy Type Temper Portrait Transverse HBS Standard
σb/MPa σp 0.2/MPa δ/% σb/MPa σp 0.2/MPa δ/%
2A16 Die forging T6 375 255 8 375 255 8 100 GJB 2351
Free forging 355 235 8 355 235 8 100
Die forging T6 375 255 8 375 255 8 100 HB 5204
Free forging 355 235 8 355 235 8 100


Alloy Temper Available airplane type Application parts and typical parts
2A16 Forgings: T6 MIG, B737-300,A320,Y8,ARJ21,JH7,J10 Rocket fuel tank, engine blade, airtight cockpit, hood, wing integral mailbox, fuselage internal structure, etc.


Type Alloy Projected area(m2)Or weight(kg) Temper Standard
Free forgings 5 series ≤3000kg O、F GBn223
2、6、7 series ≤3000kg T6、T4、O、F
Mould forgings 5 series ≤2.5m2 O、F
2、6、7 series ≤2.5m2 T6、T4、O、F


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