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forged aluminum flanges

Introduction of forged aluminum flanges
forged aluminum flanges is a component used to connect between shafts and shafts, and is used for connection between pipe ends. The aluminum flange is made of aluminum alloy through forging and processing.

Features of forged aluminum flanges
forged aluminum flanges mainly have the following characteristics:
●Light weight, convenient transportation, saving transportation costs
●The strength is very good, and it does not react to chemicals such as nitric acid, glacial acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, etc., and has very good resistance
●Aluminum flanges are non-magnetic, non-magnetic and toxic, and are widely used in medical machinery and food processing industries.
●Aluminum flange increases in strength and has no brittleness under low temperature conditions, so it is an ideal material for low temperature equipment.
●The conductivity of aluminum flanges is much higher than that of stainless steel. Now they are mostly used in high-voltage switches, automobile production, trams, ships, railway vehicles and other fields. However, in the future production and life, the application of aluminum flanges will be more and more Come more and more widely.
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