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aluminum forged tube pipe

Points for attention in the process of aluminum forged tube pipe
The process of aluminum forged tube pipe includes: cutting the aluminum forged tube pipe to the required size, heating, forging, heat treatment, cleaning and inspection. In small manual forging, these operations are carried out in a small place by several forges. They are all exposed to the same harmful environment and occupational hazards; in large forging workshops, the hazards vary from job to job. Working conditions Although working conditions vary depending on the type of forging, they have certain common characteristics: moderate-intensity manual labor, dry and hot microclimate environment, noise and vibration, and air pollution by smog.

How to clean the process of aluminum forged tube pipe
(1) In an aqueous solution containing 4% to 8% (mass percentage) NaOH, immerse at 70°C for 0.5 to 5 min.
(2) Rinse under hot water of 75℃ or higher for 0.5~5min.
(3) Immerse in 88℃, ten percent (volume percent) nitric acid solution to remove black precipitate.
(4) Rinse in hot water at 60~70℃ for 3~5min.

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