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aluminum forged products

Introduction of Aluminum forged products
Articles made by forging aluminum or aluminum alloys are called Aluminum forged products.
Aluminum forged products refer to workpieces or blanks obtained by forging and deforming metal blanks. By applying pressure to the metal blank, it can be shaped and deformed, and its mechanical properties can be changed. Aluminum forged products can be divided into cold forging, warm forging and hot forging according to the temperature of the blank during processing. Cold forging is generally processed at room temperature, and hot forging is processed at a temperature higher than the recrystallization temperature of the metal billet.
The heat treatment of Aluminum forged products can be divided into two groups according to their different heat treatment purposes.
Forging can eliminate the looseness of metal. Holes to improve the mechanical properties of forgings

Types of Aluminum forged products
Existing equipment: 40MN free forging, 40MN die forging, ring rolling equipment, offline quenching system and heat treatment system, machining equipment, etc.
Current production capacity: 300 tons of forged products per month.
The main products of Aluminum forged products: free forgings (forging cakes, forging blocks, forging rings), die forgings
The Application fields of Aluminum forged products:
The Aluminum forged products can be used in aviation, aerospace, military, industrial equipment, necessary fastening components, and aircraft, diesel engines, marine, weapons, mining, nuclear power, petrochemical etc fields.

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