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aluminum forged cylinders

Product introduction of aluminum forged cylinders
Hollow aluminum forged cylinders refer to aluminum forgings with a through hole in the center, such as various circular rings, gear rings, bearing rings and various cylinders, cylinder blocks, hollow shafts, etc. The basic procedures used are: upsetting, punching, reaming, or mandrel drawing.
aluminum forged cylinders

Specification of aluminum forged cylinders
Free forging: cylinder
200-800mm outer diameter, length ≤ 2000mm;
Outer diameter 801- 2000mm, length ≤ 1500mm;
Alloy: 2219, 2618, 2B60, 2A50, 2A70, 2A80, 2D70, 2A14, 2014, 2A11,2A12, 2024, 3A21, 4032,
5A90, 5210, 5A02, 5A03, 5083, 5A05, 5A06, 6A02, 6061, 6A02, 7A04, 7B04, 7A09, 7075
7050, 7A19, 7A10, etc.
Status: O, F, H112, T3, T4, T5, T6, T62, T652, T73, T74, T7452, T852, etc.
Types of production equipment for aluminum forged cylinders
Existing equipment: 25MN free forging press, 60MN free forging press, 125MN die forging press, 500MN die forging press, ring rolling equipment, offline quenching system and heat treatment system, machining equipment, etc.

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