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aluminium forged rings

The supply introduction of aluminum forged rings
Our company supplies 2 series, 5 series, 6 series and 7 series of aluminum forged rings. The customized aluminum forged rings produced are less than 5 tons/piece. The available grades are 2219; 2618; 2B50; 2A50; 2A70; 2A80 ;2D70;2A14;2014;2A11;2A12;2024;3A21;4032;
5A90;5210;5A02;5A03;5083;5A05;5A06;6A02;6061;7A04;7B04;7A09;7075;7050;7A19;7A10 etc.;
Production execution standards conform to: GBn223, YS/T479, ASTM B247 AMS;
The available states are: O; F; H112; T3; T4; T5; T6; T62; T652; T73; T74; T7452; T852, etc.;

aluminum forged rings are mainly used in industrial sectors that require a large degree of lightweight. According to the current application conditions in various countries, the main market distribution is as follows.
(1) Aviation (aircraft) forgings: Forgings on aircraft account for about 70% of the weight of aircraft materials, such as landing gear, frames, ribs, engine parts, moving rings and fixed rings, etc. There are thousands of forgings used on an aircraft. Among them, except for a few high-temperature components that use high-temperature alloy and titanium alloy forgings, most of them have been aluminized. For example, the Boeing Company of the United States has an annual production of thousands of aircraft and consumes tens of thousands of tons of aluminum alloy forgings.
(2) Aerospace forgings: The forgings on spacecraft are mainly forged rings, rims, spars and bases, and most of them are aluminum forgings, with only a few titanium forgings. The amount of various aluminum forged rings of Φ1.5~Φ6mm is also increasing.
(3) Automobile is the most promising industry using aluminum alloy forgings and the largest user of aluminum forgings. Mainly used as wheels (especially heavy vehicles and large and medium-sized buses), bumpers, base beams and other small aluminum forgings. Among them, aluminum wheels are the most used aluminum forgings and are mainly used for buses, trucks and heavy vehicles. In recent years, it has also begun to be used in small and medium cars, motorcycles and luxury cars. According to statistics, the annual growth rate of the use of aluminum wheels in the world in the past few years has reached more than 20%, and the current use has reached billions.

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