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Wear-resistant steel ball

Wear-resistant steel ball
  Wear-resistant steel ball (referred to as grinding ball) is the most widely used product in industrial practice today. There is a saying: "There must be crushing in the industry."
     Steel balls are the general term for steel balls, steel segments and shaped abrasive bodies. From the shape, it can be divided into a true round ball (now generally narrowly defined), a capsule ball, an elliptical ball, a yin and yang ball, a hollow ball, a multi-faceted ball, and a plurality of missing balls (with pits on the surface body).
     Steel ball production methods generally include forging, rolling, semi-solid forming and casting. Due to the special history of the history and the mineral processing industry and the comprehensive environment and background, forging and rolling balls account for a considerable proportion of these industries. Semi-solid molding has unconventional casting, which can be explained by non-simple die-casting. It attracts people's attention with the excellent performance of advanced technology like casting, forging, casting and forging. Cast steel balls are easy to achieve the expansion advantages of low-investment and large-scale production because of their simple, flexible and reliable production methods, especially when experts and engineers face various steelmaking furnaces using various advanced processes and alloy composition design to play endless. The imagination, to create a new and more advanced variety, to meet the sense of accomplishment of the need for competition, more people can understand. Of course, the high cost performance and sustainable development potential of the casting ball makes it the main force in today's crushing industry, especially in the production process of cement crushing industrial steel balls.
Commonly used cast steel balls can be roughly divided into the following four categories according to their chemical composition:
     1. Chrome anti-wear cast iron ball;
     2. Low alloy steel anti-wear cast ball;
     3. Medium and high alloy steel anti-wear cast ball;
     4. High manganese steel balls;

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