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Ultra high strength aluminum alloy forgings

Ultra high strength aluminum alloy forgings generally refer to aluminum alloys with a yield strength of more than 500MPa, and the common ones are 7XXX series super-hard aluminum. This series of aluminum alloys was originally developed in the context of aerospace applications, and has now developed into the main structural materials of military and civil aircraft around the world, accounting for 70-80% of aircraft structural parts, and has replaced in many fields. Expensive titanium alloys have become an indispensable and important lightweight structural material. With the continuous development of the modern aerospace field, nuclear industry, and transportation industry, higher requirements have been placed on the comprehensive performance of structural parts, which integrates light weight, high strength, high toughness, high fracture toughness and stress corrosion resistance. A new generation of ultra-high-strength aluminum alloys is undoubtedly the preferred solution.

Materials are the basis of aircraft structures. Ultra high strength aluminum alloy forgings will be used as very important aircraft structural materials because of their high specific strength, good forming and processing properties, and good corrosion resistance. usage ratio.
The development of foreign large-scale civil aircraft from Boeing 707 to a new generation of large-scale civil aircraft represented by Boeing 787 and A380 has undergone great changes in terms of comfort, safety, economy and other major performance indicators of civil aircraft. The methods also range from static strength design, to damage safety design, to the current damage tolerance design. The materials used have also changed from one-sided pursuit of high strength, to materials requiring better fatigue strength, to considering damage tolerance, at the same time. Considering the new requirements of corrosion resistance and low cost, the main structural materials have also undergone great changes, especially with the substantial increase in the amount of advanced composite materials, the amount of traditional light alloys has a great impact, such as the B787 aircraft. The amount of composite material is 50%, while the amount of aluminum alloy is only 20%.
In the civil passenger aircraft currently in use, such as the large passenger aircraft A380, aluminum alloys still play a leading role. Boeing 777 is a large civil airliner launched by Boeing in the 1990s. The materials used are mostly mature materials in the late 1980s and early 1990s, or materials commercialized in the 1990s. Therefore, its material selection has a certain representativeness.
Analysis of the models of major international large-scale civil passenger aircraft manufacturers shows that Ultra high strength aluminum alloy forgings still occupy a very important position as structural materials for aircraft. Combined with the overall situation of my country's vigorous development of civil large passenger aircraft, it can be seen that,
Ultra high strength aluminum alloy forgings also have broad market application prospects in the aviation field.

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