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Seamless Ring Forgings

Seamless Ring Forgings are produced using a machine called a rolling mill, which produces rings of various weights and diameters.
The process starts with a circular piece of metal that is perforated to create a doughnut-shaped part. This is our ring. After the ring is formed, it is heated until the recrystallization temperature is reached.
From there, the ring is placed on an idler roller and moved toward the drive roller, which rotates the ring and increases its diameter and wall thickness of the rolling ring.
Seamless Ring Forgings are available in a variety of configurations, from small washers-like parts to tall cylindrical parts.

In addition to its role in the aerospace industry, Seamless Ring Forgings are used for:
Industrial application
defense industry
power plant
Wind Turbines
What are the benefits of Seamless Ring Forgings?
The advantages of using rings that have undergone a ring rolling process include:
Higher Strength - Seamless Ring Forgings can maintain their strength through high temperature fluctuations.
Reduced Costs - The production cost of these rings is much lower than comparable products. There is less machining involved because the ring closely matches the contour of the finished shape.
Better thermal performance - It is easy to predict how the rolling ring will react to heat compared to other components. There is a greater risk of other components melting or deforming when heat is applied.
Wider range of materials - These rings can be made of any malleable material - aluminium alloys, stainless steel, carbon, aerospace metals. This adaptability makes them a flexible and responsive option for manufacturers in the industries we listed above.

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