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Forging aluminum alloy wheels

Several companies that can currently see products in the domestic market. We can find that the use of forged aluminum alloy rims, in addition to better ensuring the safety of the vehicle, can recover the cost of the investment in one year and a half on the economic account. And this is in line with the national call for application of new products, new technologies and energy saving and emission reduction.

Forging aluminum alloy wheels

Henan Chalco Aluminum Forging indicates that the plate thickness of the forged aluminum alloy rim is 22 mm, and the thickness of the steel ring is 14 mm. Therefore, if you want to install the forged aluminum alloy rim, you need to lengthen the bolts on the axle, that is, the wheel bolts of the single wheel are extended by 8 mm, and the wheel bolts of the double wheel are extended by 16 mm. In addition, when the double wheel is installed, the positioning of the axle is required to be as short as 28 mm, preferably 35 mm.

Forged aluminum alloy rims do have many advantages, but they are not suitable for all transport vehicles. In the case that the domestic transportation road conditions and the logistics market are still slowly improving, blind use of such products does require a certain risk. The biggest risk is whether the cost can be recovered in time. Therefore, when the transportation profit is compressed, it is difficult to fill the transportation expenses. It is still too early to reduce the weight of the vehicle.

Safety - The use of forged aluminum alloy rims has the advantage of good heat dissipation and not easy to puncture. Henan Chalco Aluminum Forging indicates that for the car, the forged aluminum alloy rim is standard, and it is also the basic requirement for safety and comfort. But for trucks, safety is also important, but if profits are not guaranteed, security cannot be discussed.

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