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Forged aluminum

Introduction of Forged aluminum
Forged aluminum are mainly used for forging processing. Forged aluminum include A1-­Si­-Mg-­Cu alloy and A1-Cu-Ni-Fe alloy. Commonly used forged aluminum alloys are LD2, LD5, LD10, etc. They contain many types of alloying elements, but their content is small. Their excellent thermoplasticity results in very good forging properties and good mechanical properties. This type of alloy is mainly used for die forgings under load and some forgings with complex shapes.

Production equipment and specifications of Forged aluminum:
Existing equipment for Forged aluminum production: 40MN free forging, 40MN die forging, ring rolling equipment, offline quenching system and heat treatment system, machining equipment, etc.
The production specifications of Forged aluminum are as follows:
Length: 100—2400mm
Width: 50—1500mm
Height: 30—1000mm
The Application fields of Forged aluminum products:
The Forged aluminum can be used in aviation, aerospace, military, industrial equipment, necessary fastening components, and aircraft, diesel engines, marine, weapons, mining, nuclear power, petrochemical etc fields.

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