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forged aluminum bar stock

Introduction of Forged aluminum bar stock
Forged aluminum bar stock use forging equipment to forge the bar material. Generally, it is not possible to forge more complex workpieces, which requires a larger amount of processing. Processing of high parts, such as valve seat, valve core, valve stem, etc., in high pressure and strong corrosion alloy valves, forged valve bodies are also widely used.
The production equipment of Forged aluminum bar stock;
Existing equipment for the production of Forged aluminum bar stock: 40MN free forging, 40MN die forging, ring rolling equipment, offline quenching system and heat treatment system, machining equipment, etc.
Current production capacity: 300 tons of forged products per month.
 Forged aluminum bar

Specification ofForged aluminum bar stock
Alloys mainly have 1A99, 2A12, 2024, 2219, 2618, 2A50, 2A70, 5A06, 5083, 6082, 7075, 7050, 7A85, 7020, etc. 1XXX-8XXX series more than 300 brands
Main temper: H112, T6, T652, T73, T735, etc.
Standard: GBN223-84
Maximum diameter: 650mm
Application of Forged aluminum bar stock
Forged aluminum bar stock are widely used in the processing of demanding parts, such as valve seats, valve cores, valve stems, etc.

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