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Aluminum forged control arm

The application of Aluminum forged control arm in automobiles is increasing. This is a lightweight requirement for automobiles, a product of energy policy, and a trend in the development of the automotive industry. Not only cars, but also high-speed trains, ships, motorcycles and aircraft, spacecraft, satellites and other aerospace vehicles also use a large number of aluminum alloy forgings.

Aluminum forged control arm
The Aluminum forged control arm of the automotive steering system is a subsystem in the steering system of the vehicle for effective and reliable control of the direction of travel of the vehicle. In addition, the Aluminum forged control arm also has the effect of adjusting the vibration generated by the up and down bumps and the plane yaw in high-speed motion in a complicated road working environment. Colleagues, the structural design also ensures the flexibility of driving operation. Safety and service life.
The Aluminum forged control arm is one of the most important components in the steering system of the car. It is an indispensable subsystem from the steering wheel to the tire system chain. From the time when human beings developed the transportation vehicle, after more than one hundred years of development, the performance of the automotive Aluminum forged control arm is getting better and better. The Aluminum forged control arm mentioned here is a forged aluminum alloy material. . Compared with the commonly used steel body control arm, the aluminum alloy control arm plays a role in reducing the quality of the vehicle itself, reducing fuel consumption and reducing exhaust emissions, and is a resource-saving product.
Aluminum alloy control arm forgings  About 2,610,000 results
Aluminum forged control arm     About 9,850,000 results
Aluminum Forging of Control Arms   About 8,790,000 results

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