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Aluminum alloy rolling ring forging

Introduction of Aluminum alloy rolling ring forging
The many positive properties of aluminum alloys make them ideal for Aluminum alloy rolling ring forging. Known for its tensile strength, toughness, and fatigue strength, aluminum can easily be used to shape aluminum with internal structure and circumferential grain flow. Another benefit of aluminum is its excellent surface finish, which is very smooth.
Pure aluminum is rarely used in the production of products unless corrosion resistance is more important than strength. To increase the hardness and durability of aluminum, various alloys are added for the rolling ring forging process.

Aluminum ring forging
Alloy grade of Aluminum alloy rolling ring forging:
2014 – Aluminium 2014 is the strongest aluminium alloy and is an aluminium and copper alloy.
6061 – Aluminum 6061 is an aluminum, silicon and magnesium alloy that is strengthened by precipitation hardening and can be hot or cold forged.
7050 – Aluminium 7050 is a heat treatable aluminium alloy with good stress, corrosion and crack resistance, as well as excellent toughness and strength.
7075 – Aluminum 7075 has excellent strength and good mechanical properties at lower temperatures. Its main alloy is zinc with small amounts of magnesium, chromium and copper.
7079 – Aluminum 7079 is age hardened to increase its strength. It is mainly composed of aluminum, zinc and magnesium with small amounts of copper and various other metals. Many qualities of the 7079 are similar to the 7075.

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