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Aluminium piston skirt

The Specification of Aluminium piston skirt
Alloys: 4A11, 4032
Status: H112, F
Starting Quantity: 1 ton
Application of Aluminium piston skirt
Typical Applications: High Performance Internal Combustion Engines, Automotive Engines

Brief Introduction of Aluminium piston skirt
Forged aluminium piston skirt is the future development direction and goal of engine. For heavy-duty and high-power diesel locomotive engines, in order to meet the needs of high explosive pressure (greater than 20 MPa), forged aluminium piston will gradually become the mainstream of design. Piston is the core part of the engine, its performance directly affects the performance of the engine. At present, the main forming methods of piston are gravity casting, pressure casting, forging and so on. Compared with the casting process, the forged piston can be formed by plastic processing, and the grains can be refined, streamline distribution, internal defects such as voids are more compact after welding. The mechanical properties, thermal conductivity and high pressure resistance of the forged piston are obviously enhanced, which increases the reliability of the piston work.
The production process of Aluminium piston skirt
Ingot---interrupted wagon---heating---deep punching---drilling, car center hole---heating---reaming---machining---quenching---straightening- -- aging --- flaw detection --- sampling --- physical and chemical inspection --- hardness test --- acceptance --- packaging
The Equipment introduction of Aluminium piston skirt
6000 tons free forging press
The free forgings have a single weight of 4 tons, a width of 2.5 m, a length of 10 m, a forged ring of 3.9 m, and a forged pipe diameter of Φ700×40×2200.
10,000 tons multi-directional die forging hydraulic press
The die forging has a projected area of ​​0.33 m2 (aluminum), a length of 2 m, a width of 1 m, and a height of 0.8 m.
30000 tons die forging hydraulic press
The die forging project has a projected area of ​​2 m2 (aluminum), 1.2 m2 (titanium, steel), a length of 9 m, a width of 2.5 m, and a height of 1 m.
5m CNC radial winding machine
When the diameter is Φ700 to Φ5000mm (when the height is 200mm or less), the height is 80 to 800mm (when Φ2500mm or less)

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