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Aerospace Aluminum forgings

Features of Aerospace Aluminum forgings:
Aerospace Aluminum forgings generally use materials with high specific strength and specific rigidity, which require higher precision and quality than ordinary mechanical product forgings, and die forgings are widely used.

Application of Aerospace Aluminum forgings:
A considerable number of Aerospace Aluminum forgings are used for some key parts, such as high-temperature alloy turbine disks, titanium alloy compressor disks, ultra-high-strength steel main landing gear and aircraft girder and other forgings, which are related to the reliability and life of aircraft and engines. The forging process and quality inspection must be strictly controlled in particular for important parts. The failure analysis and statistical results of a large number of failed parts show that most of the failures are related to the metallurgical defects of the raw materials, improper forging process control (including other subsequent thermal processing processes), improper mechanical processing and assembly processes. As far as the nature and impact of the failure are concerned, the metallurgical defects of materials and forgings have the characteristics of deep hidden dangers, great hazards, wide coverage and long processing cycles.
It has a greater impact on the reliability and service life of aircraft and engines. Therefore, the most basic requirements for Aerospace Aluminum forgings and hairpins are high-quality materials, stable forging processes, and strict quality inspections. While developing forging technology, attention should be paid to the development of non-destructive testing technology to ensure the quality of forgings, especially the quality of important bearing components of aircraft and engine rotating parts, in order to continuously improve the reliability of aviation products and extend their service life.

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