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Aerospace Aluminum forging

Compared with the forgings of general machinery manufacturing industrial products,
Aerospace Aluminum forging can be summarized as the following three characteristics:
First,Aerospace Aluminum forging generally use materials with high specific strength and specific rigidity, often using new materials, and constantly putting forward new and higher requirements for forging production technology. The application of materials depends on advanced forging technology and also promotes the development of advanced forging technology and equipment. Due to the high strength and low plasticity, it is generally necessary to use larger forging equipment, choose a lower deformation speed, narrow deformation temperature control range, strict process requirements and great difficulty.

Aerospace Aluminum forging
Second, Aerospace Aluminum forging have higher requirements on precision and quality than ordinary mechanical product forgings. Precision forging technology and precision forgings are widely used in aircraft, engines and auxiliary engines. This can not only improve economic efficiency, but also improve and improve the performance of parts, thereby meeting the constantly raised use needs of aviation products. For example, the significant improvement in the surface integrity of the unrefined precision forged blades has significantly improved the fatigue performance and service life of the blades. In addition, in order to ensure the reliability and longevity of aviation forgings, it is required to strictly implement the shaping process that passes the use of parts or test and flight test in the production process, and implement strict quality control and supervision of the production process, according to the special technology of aviation forging Technical documents such as wood standards and process specifications organize the production, inspection and acceptance of forgings.
Thirdly, Aerospace Aluminum forging are widely used in aviation forgings, which is another significant feature of forgings similar to ordinary mechanical products. In the aerospace industry, apart from the fact that die-forged parts are not all used in the development of new aircraft and engines, under general conditions, all the aircraft and engines that have been finalized and produced, although the production volume is limited, the forged parts used are also die forged This is necessary to save expensive metal materials, ensure the quality of forgings, reduce processing hours, and achieve stable and high-quality production requirements.

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