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7075 forged aluminium tubes

Introduction of 7075 forged aluminium tubes
    7075 forged aluminium tubes belongs to the aerospace aluminum with ultra-high hardness and strength. Its profile processing is more difficult than other grades of aluminum, especially the super large diameter 7075 forged aluminium tubes ,which is more difficult to process than other small and medium diameter 7075 forged aluminium tubes. We want to obtain a super large diameter 7075 forged aluminum tube with a larger diameter, a denser material, and a higher hardness and strength. It has been impossible to achieve through the conventional extrusion process. Only through the forging reverse extrusion process can the comprehensive mechanical properties be higher. Aluminum alloy pipe with larger diameter.

7075 forged aluminium tubes
The chemical composition of 7075 forged aluminium tubes
Si: 0.40
Fe: 0.50
Cu: 1.2-2.0
Mn: 0.30
Mg: 2.1-2.9
Cr: 0.18-0.28
Zn: 5.1-6.1
Ti: 0.20
Al: margin
Others: Single: 0.05 Total: 0.15
Application of 7075 forged aluminium tubes
7075 forged aluminium tubes are widely used in aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, new energy vehicles, military industry, petrochemical and other fields.

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