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6061 T6 Aluminum Forged parts

In the automotive industry, in today's society, with the impact of low-carbon life and global carbon emissions, the light-duty automotive industry is also constantly considering and using more aluminum forgings.
6061 T6 Aluminum Forged parts have the characteristics of lightweight product structure. When the cost of aluminum alloy forgings can be reduced, we should develop and design more aluminum alloy parts in the automotive industry.

6061 T6 Aluminum Forged parts
In forging aluminum parts, 6061 T6 Aluminum Forged parts are mainly used for the following products,
1. Wheels and hubs 6061-T6 forged aluminum alloy wheels, light weight, convenient design and better heat dissipation. This 6061-T6 aluminum forging material is a commonly used aluminum alloy forging material with good corrosion resistance and workability.
2. Auto Suspension Parts For aluminum 6061-T6 forging, we can obtain safety, handling, lightweight parts,
3. Automobile drive shafts, drive shafts, propeller shafts and steering shafts, the automobile industry has used aluminum alloy forged shaft products.
Of course, in the automotive industry, 6061 T6 Aluminum Forged parts can also be used for aluminum forging pistons, aluminum forging connecting rods, aluminum forging pump bodies and aluminum forging valves in automobiles.

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