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6061 Forged Aluminum parts

6061 Forged Aluminum parts is a medium to high strength that can be strengthened by heat treatment. Aluminum alloys are widely used in aerospace, transportation, electronics and architectural decoration.
1. Due to the poor formability of 6061 Forged Aluminum parts at room temperature, its multi-directional forging is an unstable and irreversible process with thermal changes. Process parameters (such as strain deformation, deformation temperature, deformation speed, etc.) have a very important influence on the plastic deformation behavior of materials. Its complexity is directly related to the structure and properties of the prepared bulk UFG material and the forming quality of the final forging billet.

6061 forged aluminum parts

2. During the multi-directional forging deformation process of 6061 Forged Aluminum parts, the forming load is the most sensitive to the deformation temperature, and the equivalent strain is the most sensitive to the deformation pass;

3. The 6061 Forged Aluminum parts billet has a "bulge" phenomenon in the multi-directional forging process, and the metal flow in the center longitudinal section is characterized by an "eight" shape. With the increase of deformation passes, the accumulated strain in the material gradually increases, and the uniformity of deformation is continuously improved;

4. Multi-directional forging process, strong grain refinement, effectively improve the mechanical properties of the material. With the increase of the number of deformation passes, the internal grain refinement and the uniformity of the structure of the 6061 Forged Aluminum parts are continuously improved, and the mechanical properties are further improved, but the increase gradually decreases after two passes;

5.6061 Forged Aluminum parts have been forged in multiple directions for 4 passes, and the hardness and strength of the material are significantly improved. The microhardness and tensile strength were 861HV and 223MPa, respectively. Compared with the initial as-cast, the increase is 140.5% and 102.7%.

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