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5A90 aluminum lithium alloy forgings

Introduction of 5A90 aluminum lithium alloy forgings
5A90 aluminum lithium alloy forgings are medium-strength weldable, low-density, high-modulus, high-corrosion-resistant aluminum-lithium alloys, which can replace 6061, 6063, 3A21, 5083, 2A12 and other grades of aluminum alloys. They are used in the aerospace field, The weight reduction of the frame and secondary load-bearing parts can achieve an "immediate" weight reduction effect on the basis of ensuring the original load-bearing and anti-corrosion requirements.

Process advantages and equipment advantages of 5A90 aluminum lithium alloy forgings
Our company adopts vacuum casting method to produce aluminum-lithium alloy ingots to avoid defects such as pores and oxidation inclusions in the alloy structure. At the same time, it adopts the method of inert gas stirring to effectively eliminate the segregation of Zr, Li and other elements and ensure the ingot chemistry The ingredients are uniform. For example, the 5A90 aluminum-lithium alloy rolled sheet produced by our company has a tensile strength of 460MPa, a yield strength of 272MPa, an elongation of 10%, and a density of 2.47g·cm-3. The product performance is higher than the GJB standard.

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