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5083 rolled ring forging

Introduction of 5083 rolled ring forging
5083 rolled ring forging are made by ring rolling. Ring rolling is a continuous partial plastic forming process. Compared with the overall die forging forming process, it has greatly reduced equipment tonnage and investment, less vibration and impact, and energy saving. Significant technical and economic advantages such as low materials and production costs are advanced manufacturing technologies for various seamless rings such as bearing rings, gear rings, flange rings, train wheels and tyres, and gas turbine rings.
Our company has a technical development team, using CATIA three-dimensional modeling software to achieve rapid, design, and forging die CAD/CAM/CAE integrated manufacturing technology to achieve new product development. There are more than 2,000 varieties and specifications of aluminum forgings, which are used in various fields such as aerospace, defense and military industry, transportation machinery, textiles, electronics, automobiles, and chemicals. YS, ASTM and other domestic and foreign standards.

5083 rolled ring forging
The specifications of 5083 rolled ring forging :
The forged ring has a max diameter of 7m and a max height of 0.8 m;
Application of 5083 rolled ring forging
5083 rolled ring forging are increasingly widely used in many industrial fields such as machinery, automobiles, trains, ships, petrochemicals, aerospace and atomic energy.

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