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2219 rolling aluminum ring

Introduction of 2219 rolling aluminum ring
The 2219 rolling aluminum ring is used to connect and bundle the fuel tanks of multi-stage rockets. It is also widely used in wind power generation, petrochemical industry, mining machinery, energy power plants, nuclear power plants, etc. In the aerospace field, the 2219 rolling aluminum ring is an indispensable key structural component connecting the tube section of the heavy carrier rocket fuel (liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen, kerosene) tank, the front and rear bottom and the rocket tank compartment. The key components for the successful launch of heavy-duty launch vehicles and the successful ascent of spacecraft have made indelible contributions to the development of China's aerospace industry and China's entry into the world's aerospace powers. In the rocket structure, aluminum accounts for more than 90%, and a small amount of titanium alloy and other materials are also used.

The chemical composition of 2219 rolling aluminum ring:
Si: 0.20
Fe: 0.30
Cu: 5.8~6.9
Mn: 0.20~0.40
Mg: 0.02
Zn: 0.10
Ti: 0.29~0.10
Zr: 0.10~0.25
V: 0.05~0.25
Other single: 0.05, 0.15 margin
Features of 2219 rolling aluminum ring
The 2219 rolling aluminum ring is one of the main materials for the launch vehicle tank and forged ring structure. It is characterized by high strength, weldability and corrosion resistance.

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