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2024 t6 forged aluminum alloy

 2024 t6 forged aluminum alloy is the more commonly used one. Forgeability, good plasticity, poor corrosion resistance, is a typical hard aluminum alloy.
 The 2024 t6 forged aluminum alloy has brought tremendous changes to the structure and performance of the aircraft, and also laid the foundation for the development of the 2××× series aluminum alloy. The main alloying elements of 2024 aluminum alloy are Cu, Mg, Mn, and Fe and Si are the main impurities. 2024 aluminum alloy is commonly used in T3, T4, and T6 states, and has high plasticity, fatigue life, fracture toughness and fatigue crack growth resistance, but it has poor corrosion resistance. The alloy thick plates are mainly used on fuselages, wings, shear ribs and webs, and other structural parts that require high strength. Artificial aging can be used to improve the corrosion resistance, heat resistance and yield strength of 2024 alloy, but the plasticity and fatigue fracture resistance will decrease, and the fatigue crack growth rate will also increase. After artificial aging, 2024 alloy has excellent comprehensive performance and high-temperature creep resistance. It has a small tendency to soften at high temperature and can be used for a long time at higher temperatures. It is mainly used for the skins and engines of commercial and military aircraft that often withstand high temperatures above 121 ℃. cabin.
2024 t6 forged aluminum alloy is mainly used for aircraft parts, railway vehicles, auto parts, machine structural parts, etc.

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