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2014 2017 forged aluminum tube pipe

The Introduction of 2014 2017 forged aluminum tube pipe
2014 2017 forged aluminum tube pipe is an aluminum tube made by forging method. Forging is a tube forged with impact force.
2014 2017 forged aluminum tube pipe use forging machinery to apply pressure to metal blanks to cause plastic deformation to obtain a processing method for forgings with certain mechanical properties, certain shapes and sizes. Through continuous beating on the pipe fittings, the original segregation, loosening, porosity, slag inclusion, etc. in the aluminum ingot are compacted and welded, the structure becomes tighter, and the plasticity and mechanical properties of the metal are improved.

2017 forged aluminum tube
The Characteristics of 2014 2017 forged aluminum tube pipe:
1. The density is small, only 34% of steel forgings and 30% of copper forgings.
2. It has high specific strength, high degree of rigidity, large specific modulus of elasticity and high fatigue resistance. It is suitable for key bearing components with light weight requirements, and its comprehensive performance is far superior to other materials.
3. The internal structure is fine, uniform and defect-free, and its reliability is much higher than that of aluminum alloy castings and die castings, and also higher than other metal castings.
4. Aluminum forgings have good plasticity and can be processed into various high-forgings with complex shapes. The machining allowance of the parts is small, only about 20% of the aluminum alloy round bar plates.
5. Aluminum forgings have good corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and non-magnetic properties, which are unmatched by steel forgings.
6. Smooth surface, good surface treatment performance, beautiful and durable.
The combination of a series of excellent characteristics of 2014 2017 forged aluminum tube pipe has created good conditions for the replacement of steel and copper.

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